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The Vent: March 23

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Posted: Friday, March 23, 2012 9:12 am

“The city of Mesa built brick enclosures around the down town dumpsters. Now the homeless and drug addicts have more privacy when they decide to make them a home. How dangerous is this, not to mention a complete waste of money!”

“I looked up the definition of ‘intolerance’ in my dictionary today. It said ‘right-wing Republican’.”

“If women are to be denied contraceptives because they are against the employer’s religion, then single men should be denied erectile dysfunction remedies from their insurance provider, too. Surely those who rail against birth control would be against premarital sex. Also, all male employees should be questioned about their use of condoms if women have to divulge their use of the pill.”

“I am one of those Democratic female venters, who also agree that the Republicans are worse than the Taliban. How dare you Republicans pass laws restricting women from contraceptives? Are you prepared to raise children that some women cannot afford? We see and hear of those women constantly. I think you need to see the Wizard of Oz, for counseling.”

“Seeing the photo of Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce in the paper yesterday made me think of why these types are called fat cats. Let’s not allow Pearce to get any fatter. Anyone who accepts gifts like he did is no good!”

“After finding out that every drop of oil the Keystone Pipeline carries could go to China I have decided to drop out of the Republican party. I am tired of that warm feeling down my back while they comfort me with it’s raining rhetoric.”

“Retail sales are jumping because prices are skyrocketing. I am seeing spot prices in the grocery store, at restaurants and at the pump up anywhere from 5 to 25 percentv in the last three months. Do the math folks, on the stuff I am actually buying (meaning the number is not diluted but commodities I do not buy) annual inflation is hitting 20 percent. Thank you Democrats and Obama.”

“President Obama should let the Bush tax cuts expire on job creators then these job creators that base their hiring practices on taxes instead of supply and demand would receive a voucher endorsed by Congressman Paul Ryan. If a voucher system is good enough for medicare recipiants it should be good enough for job creators.”

“West Phoenix Hispanic high school students march to protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s illegal alien sweeps. These ‘sweeps’ just opened up 31 jobs in Tempe for legal US citizens that illegal aliens had stolen from them for years and years. I just looked at the average yearly progress results of the 15 Phoenix Union High School District (schools). Eleven out of 15 of these Phoenix high schools which have (a high) Hispanic student enrollment have ‘failed’ to make any progress on improving their AIMS scores. These students should be spending their time studying to improve their AIMS scores and graduating high school instead of taking to the streets like ‘Occupy Wall Street’ anarchists.”

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