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Letters to the editor: February 15

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Posted: Friday, February 15, 2008 2:07 am | Updated: 9:44 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Presidential race

Tear down this myth

So I’m supposed to think that Sen. John McCain is the second coming of Reagan. He was for amnesty until he flipped to be against it. Is he still hiring lettuce pickers? He was against the Bush tax cuts until he flopped to be for them when he is elected. He’s against free speech 30 days before an election. No flip or flop there yet.

He’s for strict global warming initiatives that may destroy our economy. He is happy to work with Sens. Feingold, Kennedy and Lieberman, who are all known for their strong conservative stances. He wants to slap new mileage requirements on U.S. automakers that may price them out of the market. Yup, he sure sounds like a Reagan conservative to me.

Trevor Hansen


Lost by system, found by McCain

Sen. John McCain has been a warrior for our family. Our daughter was on medical disability from America West, she contacted the senator and he acted on her request for help to get her back on the payroll. In no time it was done, he also got her back pay.

Five years ago we contacted all Arizona congressmen and senators, Democratic and Republican, for help in finding a rehabilitation center for one of our family members; the only one to respond in our time of need was McCain.

My husband, Harvey Gertsch Sr., fought the Veterans Administration for years for a disability which his doctor said was due him. The VA couldn’t find his records to prove where he was in World War II. Harvey contacted McCain and, lo and behold, he hired someone to look and his morning reports were found. Sadly, we had waited too long to contact the senator, Harvey became very ill and passed away at age 82 on Nov. 2, 2006, before he could go before the VA boards. The VA denied Harvey his U.S. rights, but the senator has stood up for him and Harvey was so grateful.

McCain is well-versed in economics, he was a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution and is endorsed by The Wall Street Journal.

We need a president who knows what to do about terrorism, not just now but in the future, and he knows about national security. He is so qualified to be president, again a man for all the people.

In memory of my husband.

Evelyn Gertsch


McCain will take us south

In light of the Florida primary, Sen. John McCain won showing his strength among moderate Republicans and Hispanics. He now states that he has heard the American people and now understands the need to secure the borders before enacting a comprehensive immigration reform. Can he now be labeled a “flip-flopper” or is he just pandering?

He insulted those who advocated border security and cursed the idea of a border fence. In the California debate he was asked twice how he would support the McCain-Kennedy bill today. Both times he effectively avoided a direct answer. Will the real McCain please come forward?

The presence of Juan Hernandez as McCain’s Hispanic outreach coordinator who has dual citizenship and served as a top government official to the Mexican president should show us how weak McCain is on border security. Hernandez is clearly for open borders as stated on his Web site. In his own words, it “seems logical and fair enough.” I remember a time when McCain would have been tarred and feathered, or worse. We must not permit someone who was once a foreign government’s minister to influence a U.S. senator like this, and definitely not a president! We need a president who will support America first.

Lillian M. Wilkinson


A list McCain doesn’t top

I’m not a big fan of (apparent) Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain. However, it is necessary to point out that of the four main presidential candidates, he is the only one not listed on the Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007. You will find Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Hilary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

Judicial Watch (www.judicialwatch.org) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. It’s appalling that this information has not been widely publicized.

America deserves better!

Mary Lou St. Cyr


Good enough for voters …

This letter is my job application to any Fortune 500 company. I am following the example of one of the Democrats currently running for president of the United States.

Over and over I have heard the same claims as to why she is the best choice for the office. She keeps harping on the fact that she has the most experience. In fact, she claims 35 years of experience. Part of me is trying to do the addition on this claim and I have found the answer. She is using her time as first lady as part of her experience.

This seems logical to me, so I will do the same. I am now wanting a position as CEO or at least CFO of a major company. I am the most qualified because I am claiming 40-some years of experience as a marketing director and a graduate of The Wharton School of Business. I obtained this experience by living in the house with my father. He actually did those things but I am claiming the experience as my own. Oh, and to show I’m a motivated applicant I will marry someone so that they can make racial slurs against other applicants, if that will help. Thank you for reading this application.

Terry L. Watson


Please change responsibly

Sen. Barack Obama and his campaign tell you every day, that you need no experience to be president of the United States. I’m sure they don’t believe that, but since he has no experience he sure would not admit that it is necessary. The only thing he has to offer is change. A different person in the White House is change. Anyone else is also change, but we need change “with” experience.

If Obama doesn’t believe experience is necessary, then he would let the neighbor boy fix his BMW engine, not a qualified, expensive, experienced mechanic. He would let the receptionist at the dentist’s office fill his cavity, he wouldn’t need an experienced dentist. He would let the candy striper operate on his children’s tonsils, not the surgeon with 15 or 20 years of experience.

Have you ever gone a three- to five-mile hike in the Superstition Mountains? Did you do it a second time? Did you wear a different kind of shoe, maybe two pairs of socks, carry more water, take a backpack with first-aid kit, etc. on the second hike? Do you know why?

Experience is very important in the things I’ve just mentioned and it is much, much more important in the job of president. Remember that and vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. She brings change and experience.

M.R. Schmidt


Paul, short and sweet

Normally, I wouldn’t think of endorsing a presidential candidate. After all, who would care what I think? But faced with the stampede of celebrity endorsements for various candidates, I figured I know at least as much about politics as these luminaries.

Rep. Ron Paul appears to take the U.S. Constitution seriously. This is generally regarded as a critical blunder by most political experts and may have severely hampered his campaign. Paul is also a gynecologist. This gives him a perspective on women’s tissues that is unduplicated by any of the other candidates.

Given the other choices, I’ll have to throw my support to Ron Paul.

We are going to see the name of whoever becomes president in print and hear it over the airwaves for the next four years. Of all the candidates, Ron Paul’s name is the shortest. In print it will use less ink. Using less ink means lower costs and less impact on the environment. On broadcast news, it will take less time to say his name. This will save precious time, allowing broadcasts to end earlier or move on to more interesting topics.

In sum, it seems clear that electing Ron Paul president will have less negative impact on the economy and the environment than electing any of the others.

John Semmens


Obama not proven

“With Obama, we gain the salvation of American liberty and the prosperity that always was sought,” contends Nubert Boubeka (Letters, Tuesday ).

Really? How could anyone promise that? To me, Sen. Barack Obama seems snippy and kind of unreadable. I am not convinced that he is not a backbencher with a good speechwriter. Even his wife says he throws his socks on the floor one at a time, like any other mortal. Be careful what you wish for, is all I can say.

Star Lawrence


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