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Letters to the editor: Dec. 1

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Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2008 7:17 pm | Updated: 10:35 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

 I read with disbelief a recent story that said university presidents’ salaries are on the rise. What in God’s name makes these people worth more than the Department of Economic Security budget?

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President wages shouldn’t be rising

I read with disbelief a recent story that said university presidents’ salaries are on the rise. What in God’s name makes these people worth more than the Department of Economic Security budget?

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We are claiming recession and a financial crisis, and then we read about these guys making more money in a year than they can use in a lifetime. Gov. Janet Napolitano is getting all departments to look at ways of trimming back their budgets. A few weeks ago, universities cut back on construction due to lack of money. Now, universities are going to regents to ask for to raise tuitions.

My fellow Arizonans, do you see something wrong with this picture.

Are we that much idiots to keep letting this abuse of financial power go on? I believe that the state Legislature should step in on this matter. Oh yeah! The state Legislature didn’t get their raise approved in this past election. To the board of regents, I say, what do you care, it’s not your money and should there be a problem with finances, we’ll just go to Uncle Sam to bail us out. All I can say is this is utter insanity.




Cut off campaign funds

The system of campaign funding we have today is nothing more than “legalized” bribery because the “big money boys” make huge donations to both political parties and have strong influence in the next Congress, no matter who wins the election. Also, our “power” of the vote disappears because our elected representatives do not represent us but cave in to their party’s demands, not ours.

A law crafted somewhat as follows, or some variation thereof, might solve this problem and return the power of the ballot back to the people:

“Any candidate aspiring to a federal or state office may only receive campaign donations from the registered voters in the district the candidate wishes to represent in the amounts of $1 or less.”

Our present means of campaign funding must be unconstitutional for the simple reason that it usurps the power of the people and transfers it to the “big money boys.” If it were possible to pass a campaign funding law as above, a caller to a representative would get much more attention than they presently do now. Believe me!




Gay couples never have been accepted

In response to Matt Schoenley’s letter printed in the Nov. 17 issue (“They come for you next”), the answer to his complaint is historical.

Even if you don’t believe that all biblical references to the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the reasons thereof are mere parables, it should be very clear as to the attitude toward homosexuality throughout biblical (and human) history.

The progressive society of this age has wrenched the Constitution from the hands of the framers who could not imagine how distorted their intent has become.

Proposition 102 will not save the world, but it’s passage will save Arizona taxpayers many dollars in spousal benefits and the embarrassment of same sex weddings.

Most of us could care less who people choose to sleep with, but please stop trying to shove it down our throats.




State watchdog shouldn’t be chained

Sen. Chuck Gray, R-Ariz., and his fellow Republicans have reopened the tattered, worn and recently invalidated play book to apply its weary theories to the Arizona political landscape in their eternal quest for power and control. Never mind the brown cloud over metro Phoenix or the archaic air pollution standards long in use. Think instead about control!

Grab control over the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality by eviscerating its power and holding its feet to the self-righteous fire of the senators and representatives in the majority who are concerned about little but their own maintenance of power over our governor. Ignore the possibilities of modern technology to solve our automobile pollution and power generation pollution issues.

Instead, what’s really important is to heed the wishes of their uninformed electorate who obviously gave them a mandate to keep that brown cloud over Phoenix and insure that the air pollution issues will forever be entangled in the quagmire of Republican-controlled committees and their vested interests. And do it all in the name of free trade, freedom and prosperity so the air quality issues can go the same direction as the rest of our economy.




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