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Goodie: A call to action for all Arizona Democrats

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John R. Goodie is a Gilbert resident and a Mesa MLK committee member.

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 11:14 am | Updated: 9:19 pm, Sat Mar 31, 2012.

Hear ye, hear ye, for whom this bell tolls, it’s time to rise like the spirit of the mighty Phoenix and answer this call to action. Dust off the boxing gloves, put on the war paint and let’s get ready to rumble. This call is to all Arizona mules and donkeys of the mighty Democratic Party. If you’re old enough to remember the 60’s song “Time” by the Chambers Brothers, well, “Time has come today.”

Our president and party need our due-diligent commitment and steadfast support to secure a victory in November. Folks, it’s time to shout out loud: “I’m a Democrat and proud.”

Throughout the years, I’ve always been a loud, proud, kind of rough-around-the-edges in-your-face Democrat, especially when pulled into civil discussions with rival party members after they’ve first initiated dialogue about political issues around the state or country. Many times I’ve felt like the men at the Alamo surrounded and outnumbered by opponents, but have always stood tall and will never stand down. However several times after the fact, I’ve been approached by people who quietly stood back listening and sharing in a whisper they’re Democrats and agreeing to the positions or stance I took.

My fellow Democrats here in Arizona, we’ve been bombarded by conservative talk radio, guest commentary articles, hard-core, hard-headed my-way-or-the-highway group of individuals down at the state capitol coming up with bill after bill that makes one wonder what kinds of mushrooms they order on those burgers. Democrats, it’s time to come out of the living and bed rooms, the kitchens, backyards and that darn hidden closet that many sit back in quietly, only coming out to vote. It’s time take to the streets, call talk shows, display “Obama 2012” bumper stickers, write letters to the editors and guest commentaries. Folks it’s not against the law and no one is going to arrest you, I don’t think? Is there a Sheriff Joe sighting?

I know you’re out there, but I also know that being largely outnumbered can be intimidating. Folks, our party does hold that office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. so let’s get energized and excited despite all the elephant pucky being flung around. We’ve got a good man and a leader in the White House. I agree somewhat that everything is not all hunky-dory, but there’s been turnarounds and improvements. President Obama has been blamed for everything under, over, behind, and in between the sun.

Frankly I’m mad as a hockey stick and not taking it anymore. I’ve filed the application for a Statement of Candidacy for consideration to become one of Arizona’s 79 delegates or six alternates to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. in September. I know my appointment will be a long-shot but I’m compelled to make an effort. If by chance I’m selected, every delegation from other states will know when the Arizona delegation enters that hotel and convention center. I will become the biggest 6-foot-3 280-pound cheerleader leading the Arizona delegation like a drill sergeant with cadence calls, chants and songs as we rally to keep our president in office. I can hear people now: “Here come those loud Arizona Democrats.”

To my fellow Democrats, this election is up to us to lose. Stand firm and proud with backs straight and remember big elephants can only ride your backs if they’re bent. I leave you now with the words of the Air Cavalry helicopter captain in the movie Apocalypse Now: “It smells like victory.”

Hee haw, hee haw.

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