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The Vent: April 4

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Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 6:19 pm

“Martin Luther King wanted to make sure African-Americans knew their place was no longer in the back of the bus, and the supposed civil rights leaders of today want whites and Hispanics to know their place is under the bus!”

“I see CNN has forced NBC to admit their lack of journalistic ethics. NBC has admitted editing the Trayvon Martin 911 tape to make him sound racist. NBC and MSNBC are known for editing tape for race baiting. NBC/MSNBC is also Obama’s favorite media outlet.”

“Our liberal TV and newspaper media is consumed by the shooting of a young man from one racial group by a man from another racial group who happens to be a couple skin-shades lighter. Is this madness or what? To the vast majority of Americans this is a non-story that happens all across our country every hour of every day. There are huge national economic, budget, employment and other issues much more important.”

“I want to thank our aged Republican senators Jon and John for voting last week to uphold billions in subsidies for big oil.”

“Just wondering why the Venter who found the definition of ‘intolerance’ to be Republicans didn’t mention that ‘hypocrite’ means to be a Democrat, especially since words beginning with ‘hy-’ would be just before words starting with ‘i’? Oh wait a minute, a hypocrite would never point that out, silly me!!”

“The media frenzy about ‘pink slime’ will result in increased prices for ground beef. More water and fat will be added to keep the price down. Will Spam be the next victim? It is equivalent to what the media has labeled ‘pink slime’ except that it is made from pork bits.”

“Women proved they did not deserve the right to control their bodies when they decided control included the right to murder innocent babies.”

“In Sunday’s (04/01/12) guest commentary, Mr. Jon Beydler asks a question that has bothered me for some time: How can our Republican public officials question if a government entity can require a citizen to purchase something from private industry? Arizona residents MUST purchase at least minimum automobile insurance or they will have to pay a fine. Rep. John Kavanagh wants to increase the penalty to impounding the offending vehicle. He must be one of those screaming liberals we keep hearing about.”

“Nearly everyone thinks high gas prices are horrible. The news reports it negatively because that’s how most people see it. Thousands of people have lost money or are upside down on mortgages because of the plummet of home prices over the last few years. These folks see it as hopeful relief to hear the value of their home went up a little, so it is reported with a positive spin. The news is just telling it in a way that most people agree with.”

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