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The Vent: May 9

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Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 10:01 am

“I think it is very interesting to see pictures of J.T. Ready and Russell Pearce in the same photos. Would be nice to know just how involved Pearce was with Ready. They both have the same intense interests, immigration.”

“It made me ‘ill’ to read about the Gilbert doctor who’s decided to start charging his patients up to $2,400 to continue seeing him. Cutting his patient load in half means that 50 percent of his patients, who can’t afford his outrageous fees, have now lost their doctor. This boutique doctor is lining his pockets on the backs of his less fortunate patients.”

“Waterboarding is torture, and none of the ridiculous right-wing talking points and lies that (Spencer Anderson) lists can change that. I’m not going to waste my time providing an actual coherent factual argument to counter that absurd rant, but I’d just like to say (shame on you) for giving that moron and his warped little mind a forum to spread his partisan-based lies.”

“If Spencer Anderson (Waterboarding not torture: The Inbox, May 5, 2012) does not consider waterboarding and other so called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ torture, most signatories to the Geneva Convention do. In the eyes of the world we are now among those countries that torture prisoners. I’m sure the Nazis also had very good rationalizations for their actions. If waterboarding yielded such valuable information, such as the location of Osama bin Laden, why didn’t the Bush administration act upon it?”

“The press says that President Obama has launched his re-election campaign. The truth is Obama has been campaigning and fund-raising for months on the American people’s money.”

“So it’s the dress? Imagine how worked up our military would be if Jan Brewer or Mary Rose Wilcox had shown up with that low cut red dress. Worked up enough to flee to Canada.”

“Romney has been endorsed by Christine O’Donnell, Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann. Just needs one more horseman.”

“Both political parties need to change their mascots. The donkey and elephant must go. Democrats should adopt the hammer and sickle, since they have become no different than Communists. Republicans should adopt a jellyfish as their mascot, since they no longer have a spine.”

“Why is it that year after year after year, Mexican, El Salvadoran, Guatamalan and Honduran legal and illegal students fail to learn English. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Russian and Vietnamese students don’t have this problem and their alphabet is completely different. Why have these other racial and ethnic students learned English in one year’s time while many if not most of the Hispanic students struggle year after year. There is only one, no make that two reasons for this failure to learn English: parents who care.”

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