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Students' views on Presidents Day

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Posted: Saturday, February 14, 2009 4:48 pm | Updated: 12:38 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

Fourth graders in Terrie Von Holdt’s class at Finley Farms Elementary School

in Gilbert share their drawings and essays about what makes a good president.

VIDEO: Students discuss their Presidents Day projects

Fourth graders in Terrie Von Holdt’s class at Finley Farms Elementary School

in Gilbert share their drawings and essays about what makes a good president.

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Calvin Coolidge

What I think will make a good president is caring about the citizens of America and America. I think a good president will keep his promises and make new laws.

Jack Hughes

James A. Garfield

I think to be president you must have a good education. You need to know the law. You also have to know the basic school subjects. I think you must be considerate, responsible for yourself, and your positions. And most importantly, be a good leader.

Elizabeth Ivy Avenetti

Bill Clinton

To make a good president, the president should listen to the citizens of the United States, and try to fix important problems they have. The president should also pass laws that can help us, and everyone else in our country. Lastly, the president should take time off his job to talk to children in school. Now that would make a good president of the United States.

Keegan McCluskey

Theodore Roosevelt

What makes a good president? I think that it takes courage and honesty to make a good president. Also I think you have to be clean and be a nice person. You would have great suggestions on how to change our country and make it a better place!

Katrina Turley

James Madison

What makes a good president is his honor, loyalty, and respect for the country. A president must be smart and clean just like James Madison. Just like all presidents, he must protect and care for his people in the country he is in.

Nathaniel Gregorio

Grover Cleveland

I think what makes a good president is you have to be kind and willing to take the job. Also you have to be caring and nice and you have to know why you got the job and you help the economy. You have to be educated or else how are you going to get voted in? Also if I was voting I would vote for whoever has the best speech or saying. Then that person will become our next president because he won the electing and voting.

Sophia Farquhar

William McKinley

A president who is kind. A president that cares about our environment. A president who is fair to both black and white. That’s what I think of a good president.

Sierra Cheri Hansmann

Herbert Hoover

What makes Herbert Hoover a good president. Well, Herbert Hoover is good in lots of thing like he helped the environment. He was in office 1929 to 1933. Well, Herbert Hoover was a fantastic president!

Hannah Adeline Meeks

Theodore Roosevelt

I think a good president is an educated person. By educated I don’t mean a person that has gone to college I meant a person that is smart. And by people I mean man or woman. A friendly person that will work hard all four years he or she is in office. Some one who picks good staff to help lead America. Some one that helps the economy and feed the hungry. And that’s what I think a good president is.

Jaleel Townsend

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