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The Vent: Jan. 20

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Posted: Friday, January 20, 2012 1:51 pm

"You know your country is doomed when the number of people that are willing to work for what they get are starting to be outnumbered by people that would rather just vote for what they get."

"Should the Arizona dispensaries of ‘pot' be using the Red Cross logo on their product? Or in store fronts either? I think not!"

"The lax immigration enforcement policy created a revolving door of illegals. There are actually only 12 illegals; they just get caught twice a day, every day. "

"Why are you sheep all supporting Romney, a.k.a. Obama-Lite? The only candidate who can fix all the damage is Ron Paul."

"As a lifelong Republican, I am both disappointed and disillusioned with what's going on with the present candidates. They're putting Joe Biden to shame with their faux pas and childish antics. In these times, it's become necessary to do away with the antiquated caucuses and conduct the party conventions earlier in order to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff,' dealing with the issues at hand. Candidates keep shooting themselves in the foot to the benefit of Obama. Lord only knows, the citizens of this country deserve better."

"Newt Gingrich has no business criticizing Mitt Romney. His past is filled with ethics violations and scandals. He resigned from Congress and had to pay a $300,000 fine for giving misleading information during a congressional ethics probe. In addition, he was hired by Freddie Mac, one of the companies responsible for the housing fiasco, and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars as a lobbyist. He needs to back out of the race for president."

"I too was very disappointed in the Marines that urinated on those dead bodies. What makes them think those scum bag terrorists deserved a burial bath?"

"Looks like the poll regarding the US Marines urinating on the dead Taliban broke down pretty much along political party lines. The 60 percent approving of what the Marines did were mostly Republicans and conservatives. The 40 percent that were ‘outraged' and called for ‘harsh punishment' being the Democrats, liberals and progressives. Funny, that's exactly the same breakdown for SB 1070, 60 percent for and 40 percent against."

"The Fiesta Mall area beautification keeps rearing its ugly head. Many Mesa-ites still remember the halcyon days of Dillards, the Buckwheat Cafe and All-American Cheesecake Cafe 10 years ago. Nowadays, it's safer for a couple of blond missionaries on their Schwinn's with an American flag backpack handing out the Bible to the locals in the tribal areas of Pakistan than it is for these same young men to be riding north on Alma School Road to Main Street after dark. Their chances of survival are a heck of a lot better with the Taliban than the Mesa gang-banger wannabes."

"I've heard Jon Huntsman criticized for speaking fluent Chinese and Mitt Romney criticized for speaking French, albeit poorly. Apparently what America wants are leaders who, like they, are dismally ignorant of any part of the rest of the world. After all, our present Secretary of State speaks no foreign languages and has never spent any appreciable amount of time in a foreign land and look how great a job she's doing!"

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