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The Vent: Aug. 19

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Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2012 9:43 am

“I was hit by a red light runner on Aug. 14 at Broadway and Horne. I would like to again thank the three good samaritans who stayed with me to be witnesses, and a fourth good samaritan who brought me a big cup of ice water. Thank you all for your kindness and concern. It is greatly appreciated. God bless you all.”

“To the Venter upset because of firefighters’ shopping trips: They go in groups because they might, at any second have to respond, as a team, to an emergency. Did you see the radios they carry? At any moment that trip to the supermarket could be interrupted, or perhaps their meal interrupted/ruined by a sudden call to rush to your house because you can’t remember to turn the stove off!”

“To the Venter who can’t stand shopping firemen: Did it even occur to you that they do this because they are the only ones on duty? My guess is they also came in their fire truck. You might be very glad they all came, with all their equipment, ready to respond to an emergency when you drop over from a heart attack or stroke from your ‘high blood pressure’. Come on, people! Think before you post nonsense.”

“The Medicaid/Medicare debate is on. Romney tells us what’s wrong with Obama’s plan but doesn’t give us one of his own. Obama says we’d be in deep doo doo with the Romney plan. But what is it and what is Obama’s own plan? Right now I’d have to vote for a third party candidate even knowing they can’t win. And I sure won’t vote for any incumbent for Congress. With the pitiful job they’ve done, every one of them is part of the problem, not the solution. Maybe a half dozen, including Senator McCain, have shown any real leadership.”

“Why does the East Valley Tribune continue to print letters from Rod Livdahl? Frankly, Livdahl, your letters make me vomit! Friday’s paper will be the last one I read period!”

“During the Vietnam years many young men fled to Canada and other countries to avoid the draft. Shortly after the war all of these dodgers were granted amnesty most of whom went on to be very successful and hide their money in off-shore accounts. After creating the second felony in their lives, it was decided after the Bush tax cuts went into effect that these people be granted amnesty by the IRS. It’s no wonder the Dream Act is so unpopular. Amnesty is reserved for the elite.”

“Gee, maybe if Obama had actually followed through on his promise in 2009 and had actually proposed immigration reform while he had control of both the House and the Senate, Brewer would not have had to act. If Brewer had not acted, Arizona would be just like California — bankrupt. What Obama did was just an empty action to try and buy votes. The next thing the dreamers would do is demand the right to vote.”

“To the mostly anonymous group, ‘Concerned Arizona Voters’, shame on you. Instead of sending out anti-Mormon flyers, why don’t you dedicate your time, money, and energy running for office yourselves. Anyone from any group or religion can run for office and the voters can choose to vote for them or not. You may find it actually takes commitment to what you believe in, hard work, and a very thick skin.”

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