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Letters to the editor: June 29

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Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2008 8:56 pm | Updated: 11:44 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

We encourage readers to submit letters to the editor on issues of interest to East Valley residents. Submissions should be no longer than 300 words, factually accurate and original thoughts of the writer. Please be brief and include name, address, city and phone number for verification. Letters and call-in comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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We encourage readers to submit letters to the editor on issues of interest to East Valley residents. Submissions should be no longer than 300 words, factually accurate and original thoughts of the writer. Please be brief and include name, address, city and phone number for verification. Letters and call-in comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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Make spouse the running mate

I’m of the opinion that whoever is married to the elected president of the United States should automatically be the nation’s vice president. The ultimate “two-fer.”

When White House-related names like Eleanor, Bessie, Mamie, Jackie, Lady Bird, Pat, Betty, Rosalind, Nancy, Barbara, Hillary or Laura are mentioned, the name recognition is immediate. All are or were politically influential and internationally known.

Who can name the elected vice presidents over the past 65 years? I contend, not many. However, we all know the spouses. Rationally speaking, therefore, the spouse is the one with intimate knowledge of the president’s concerns and issues, obviously has major influence, and is the one referred to on a first-name basis with the American public. So, give the spouse appropriate recognition. It would give new meaning to “being in bed politically with the president.”

Can I get a fist bump, or at least a can of beer? How about an amen?



Don’t be dazzled by Obama show

Is anyone as outraged as I am at the money and gimmickry displayed during this election cycle? President Bush was over the top with his photo ops and phoniness. But he looks like a country bumpkin compared to what we’re witnessing now.

The stage craft by the Barack Obama team is staggering in its proportions — Obama looking ever so presidential reading from a teleprompter, flags a-blazing behind him, screaming fans fixated on his every word, young handsome family in tow waving like the royal family.

But this was most outrageous of all. Obama created a cabinet room setting to show off his new Obama Seal in the likeness of the presidential seal. I couldn’t help but be embarrassed for the entire bunch of opportunists sitting through that display of self-importance, including our very own governor who is hoping to be a chosen one should he get elected.

With the amount of money Obama is raising, I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. He is just now becoming accustomed to the lifestyle of the rich, famous and presidential. Next up, his very own gas guzzler, Air Farce One!

I want my president to be genuine, honorable and wise, to stand as a leader on the world stage and not as an American Idol on the concert stage. Isn’t it time we and the media looked behind the curtain of these candidates? Money is important but it will never buy my vote.




Don’t ignore constitution

Before I completely sever my tongue with my own teeth, I must respond to Tom Patterson’s audacity of using “disabled students” as nothing more than paper stock for this season’s new far-right doorknob literature (“School choice foes stack deck against disabled students,” June 22).

Even the Tribune called this one correctly with a May 21 editorial. If you want to use my tax dollars to indoctrinate your children into what I consider repressive Christian modality, change or delete Article 2, Section 12, of the state constitution which bans such expenditures! It’s that simple.

This newfound concern for the disadvantaged and special needs children coming from these infamously educationally tight-pursed, faith-based hypocrites is sickening.




Decline a long-time trend

As a 37-year resident, I feel the following should be pointed out: when I was assigned to Williams Air Force Base, Mesa was an All-American City. In the ensuring years, due to voter apathy and the council’s indifference, the following have happened:

Although politically motivated, Williams Air Base could have been saved if the council then had not allowed development under the flight paths.

Mesa lost the Arizona Cardinals and Fiesta Bowl to Glendale again due to NIMBYs. Mesa has become business unfriendly (i.e. Bailey’s Brake Shop and Winchell’s). The city then used the quality of life tax money to build an arts center that cost about $7.5 million to operate; then the council gave developers a huge tax break to build Riverview only a few miles from Tempe Marketplace. Take a trip to Tempe to see the difference. Now, they are giving a huge tax break to build a water park when we already have three within a few miles from Mesa (Castles & Coasters, Sun Splash and Big Surf).

Mesa has become a city of pawn shops and payday loan stores. I am hoping that Mayor Scott Smith and the new members of the council try to change and improve the image of this once great city.




Wetland loss made it worse

Those who destroyed the wetlands in Iowa to accommodate growth should have expected the inevitable flooding, just as we in Arizona can expect unbearable heat as we pave over more and more desert. The human animal is good at projecting numbers, but clueless when it come to the logical conclusion that stopping the mindless growth could prevent future catastrophes.



Protect Game and Fish

The Arizona Wildlife Federation joined other wildlife, sportsmen/women and conservation organizations in signing a petition requesting the Arizona Game and Fish Commission oppose a legislative budget sweep of Arizona Game and Fish Department funding. This unprecedented action was initiated by our disbelief in learning millions of dollars will be raided from programs vital to Arizona’s wildlife and habitat.

Most of this funding is straight from the pockets of outdoor recreationists of Arizona, not the state’s General Fund. These conservation-minded citizens are victims of double taxation, as they pay into the General Fund to other programs and departments losing money to budget sweeps as well.

Arizona legislators have chosen a dangerous time to take this action. Our wildlife and habitat are under debilitating stress factors and will be for the foreseeable future due to rapid growth, development, climate change and the expanding negative effects of all these. Wildlife and habitat are critical to Arizona’s quality of life. Major economic benefits derived from the public’s interest in wildlife and habitat is proven and undeniable.

The Arizona Wildlife Federation opposes robbing our wildlife and habitat of its just, legal and user-supported funding. This funding should remain apart from any budget shortfalls that occur in the general funding process. Arizona’s wildlife and wild places should not be at the mercy of the “numbers game” and budgetary woes.





Wandering toddler was in danger

On June 21, my husband and I were visiting Mesa and were headed toward the freeway on Alma School Road for our return to Tucson. We were horrified to see a tiny figure walking alone in the side street heading directly into the heavy traffic of Alma School. My husband slammed on his brakes as the boy continued to walk into the road. Fortunately the car behind us was able to stop with him just in front of their bumper.

My husband jumped from the car and began waving his arms for the fast-moving traffic in the next two lanes to stop. But they could not see the toddler that was still walking in front of the stopped car. They finally noticed my husband and hit the brakes, but I was horrified at the thought of either one being hit by the oncoming cars. I quickly joined them and scooped up the little one, We moved back to the sidewalk and several concerned motorists stopped to be sure he was all right.

Hadn’t anyone missed this little guy? His face was flushed from the 114-degree temperature. After checking him, we moved our car safely off the road and called 911. We are so appreciative of the quick response of the Mesa police officer who calmly handled the situation. Just as the officer approached, the toddler’s family came out to look for him. They had no idea of the drama that took place just moments before or how close they were to coming out to an ambulance instead of a police officer and their happy baby boy. It was a day we’ll never forget.

Please watch your children and make sure the doors are locked, as it can make the difference between life and death.



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