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The Vent: May 11

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Posted: Friday, May 11, 2012 9:51 am

Start looking for a nasty presidential election campaign. Obama has nothing to brag about so he is looking to tear down Romney and Obama is wide open to be ripped about because his leadership has been so weak.

Cry all you want about waterboarding, but how do you think Obama got bin Laden? He didn’t discontinue the practice like he promised and he never got close to closing Gitmo like he promised. Why? Because they are both valuable to the safety of Americans. That is the real world. Not this fantasy world with fairies and unicorns most of the left wing thinks we live in.

Didn’t Barack Obama know exactly what shape the American economy was back in 2008 when he was fighting Hillary Clinton tooth-and-nail to become the Democratic party’s presidential nominee? So why in 2012, four years later, is he still blaming Bush? Mr. President Obama, it’s your economy now, it’s your unemployment percentage now, it’s your Afghan war now, it’s all yours now. So let’s own up to your problems and try to get them fixed. Mottos, political jargon and unfullfillable promises won’t get it done, only solutions will.

If Mitt Romney is so smart — with no less than two degrees from Harvard — then how come Republicans like John McCain keep feeling the need to “interpret” or “explain” the things he says? I think Romney finds it difficult to speak clearly, after having put both feet in his mouth.

Mitt Romney’s talks of patriotism and fairness is nothing more than political jargon. Actions speak louder than words. If he were elected president the laughter from Cayman Islands investment bankers at the American people would be deafening. How could he act in America’s best interest when all of his wealth is tied up in foreign interests. I think Benedict Arnold had all of his wealth tied up in foreign interests to, it certainly impaired his decision makeing.

With all of the laws to curb voter fraud you would think the prisons were overflowing with fraudulent voters. Too bad bad Republicans don’t show that much enthusiasm towards closing tax loopholes, or maybe poor people voting is considered a negative loophole.

AZ legislators passed a deeper tax break for capital gains, in order, they say to create jobs. And jobs will be created when the super rich pick up this cash: bank teller jobs in the Cayman Islands as the wealthy stash the extra money in tax haven overseas accounts, and industrial jobs as they invest in factories in Asia.

Progressives tried to outlaw football when Teddy Roosevelt was president. Sounds like they are going to make another try soon.

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