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Letters to editor: May 6

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Posted: Thursday, May 6, 2010 2:24 pm | Updated: 3:57 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

My family seriously considered a trip to Arizona over the recent April school vacation week, but we won’t consider it any more.

IMMIGRATION: Vacation plans canceled

My family seriously considered a trip to Arizona over the recent April school vacation week, but we won’t consider it any more. My 20-year-old son spent an enjoyable month in your state last year, but he won’t be coming back, either. In fact, I will strongly discourage everyone in our extended family from ever spending a nickel in your state.

Our teenager daughter has long black hair, olive skin, a round face and dark brown eyes. She looks Hispanic, beautifully so. She’s a U.S. citizen, whom we adopted from Guatemala. If we visited Arizona, a police officer might detain her in the mistaken belief that she is an illegal immigrant. We would consider that humiliating, enraging, deeply creepy and unforgettable. We won’t risk ruining our vacation with that.

Moreover, that would make her distrust the police, and feel alien in her own country. The new law’s de facto label of her as suspicious is greatly offensive to me. That state-sponsored racism is deeply un-American and repugnant. It belongs in Bantustan, Croatia or Rwanda, not in 21st century America.

We will boycott your state unless and until you change your recent law.

Ken Farbstein, Needham, Mass.

IMMIGRATION: Thank you Gov. Brewer

I don’t understand the concept of opening the border and letting anyone into the country without credentials. And worse, I don’t understand the concept of providing them benefits paid for by citizens and properly documented visitors. I don’t get it. I should pay taxes to benefit people who have not contributed to this country. Someone please explain. And, oh, there is the small matter that our laws are being violated.

Oh please, don’t tell me that work done by undocumented aliens contributes to the greater good. It does on some level. But that argument totally misses the point. Undocumented aliens also benefit the unscrupulous employers who don’t pay payroll taxes and who abuse those who have no legal recourse because they are lawbreakers.

Documented workers contribute a portion of their income as taxes for the greater good. I’m not opposed at all to a documented worker program when the need for labor exists.

Thank you Governor Brewer for your courage and forthrightness

Richard Elam, Morristown

OBAMA: Why did we elect this guy?

In the summer of 2008, I wrote and told numerous friends that events were frightening. Our country was about to elect an obscure, freshman U.S. senator with no executive, business, military or foreign policy experience to the highest position in the land.

Barack Obama is a slick politician with great oratorical skills, smart, charismatic, and able to manipulate minds and mesmerize young people. But none of these characteristics qualified him to be president and commander in chief. I did say he would make an outstanding student body president at Arizona State University.

Fast-forward more than a year and take an honest appraisal of our country. First, it’s all President George W. Bush’s fault. Our country is in a complete financial mess, with debt greater than any time since World War II. Likewise, we have the highest unemployment rate since the same period. The president has surrounded himself with equally unqualified advisers with agendas and political goals that are out of harmony with the American way of life. We have a legislative branch of self-serving sheep with only the party’s agenda to follow, which leaves them out of touch with the people.

Recurring messages from this administration include redistribution of wealth, create jobs by expanding government bureaucracy, cater to the unions with their bloated wages and salaries, no plan to stop or reverse illegal immigration, gradually lead the greatest country on Earth down the path to bankruptcy, continual efforts to establish more power to the executive branch, utilize the liberal media (CNN, Tweedle dum, Tweedle dee, Me too) to propagandize the electorate. “Bush did it.” And continue to berate Sarah Palin and any other citizen who speaks up with common sense.

Larry Hatch, Mesa

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