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Celebrity Car: Chris McAlister

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Posted: Thursday, May 1, 2008 9:43 pm | Updated: 10:47 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

Quick, fast and responsive, on and off the football field.

   While agility and speed on the field have made him one of the most famous players in the National Football League today, Baltimore Ravens’ Chris McAlister’s agility and speed on the street requires high-performance machinery, a fact not lost on the All-Pro player. Today, Pasadena, Calif.’s native son arrives in style, courtesy of a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster.

   “This car is my baby,” says an understandably proud McAlister of his black-on-black exotic. “Yeah, I always want my cars to be special. To date, I haven’t seen anyone with one of these in the area. I don’t think I’ll see any in the near future either.”

   And the NFL hasn’t seen too many folks like McAlister either. A firsttime Pro Bowler (all-star team player) in 2003 (for a total of three) has been credited as one of the key members of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, a team known for tight defense. And let’s not forget McAlister’s 2002 NFL record, a 107-yard return of a missed field-goal attempt, the longest play in NFL history.

   “I have always had fun with cars and tried to make them something different. My father, James, had a ’57 Ford when I was growing up in Pasadena and he made changes to the car, like having Cadillac reclining seats installed and a sunroof to make it special. That’s probably where I got the idea to make my cars so unique. I loved my dad’s car....”

   McAlister’s first car was a Honda Civic, which his parents bought for him when he graduated from high school. It was exactly the car he wanted at the time, and, with some of his friends, he added a few upgrades to help it stand out from the crowd and improve the performance.

   “There were a group of guys down the block who helped me make a few changes to my car so it was faster and sportier,” says McAlister, now 30. “We got under the hood and added a few things, including an air intake to improve the performance and installed a suspension that lowered the car for better handling. Then, of course, we added some rims to complete the look.”

   Success in the NFL has it rewards. During Celebrity Car Magazine’s visit, McAlister’s stable of cars included an amazing Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster complete with the 600-horsepower V12 engine. As well, a new Audi A8 was about to undergo some exterior enhancement, along with the requisite cool-wheel package.

   McAlister’s Rolls-Royce Phantom is a special-occasion cruiser for traversing from his home in the L.A. area., to fun places in Southern California. For driving around Baltimore, Md., during the NFL season, McAlister has used other vehicles to handle the weather better, including a customized Range Rover.

   “We changed the rims and made some important changes to the stereo. That’s one of the cars I take back east with me along with another four door so we can get around when the weather gets rough.”

   With the entrance of the new Audi into the family and its clear-cut date with customizing destiny, it is obvious that McAlister is not happy with blending in.

   “I just try to do something different with my cars. I like variety. I love my (Lamborghini) roadster. But if I need something else to mix it up, I have my Porsche Gemballa ready to go.”

   A 600-horsepower, heavily performance-enhanced Porsche based on the 911 coupe just waiting in the wings? Yeah, that’s variety alright. Agility and speed, the secrets to all that is Chris McAlister.

   Celebrity Car is produced by Wheelbase Communications in conjunction with quarterly publication Celebrity Car Magazine and the duPont Registry.

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