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Desert Ridge High School graduation speeches


Snyder: We must decide what we'll do next

No matter how cliché it is, we, as high school students, have each faced a fork in the road, a point where we made a decision. This decision may have defined us or may have guided us. For me, running for senior class president was simply the easiest decision I made, the hard ones would come once school started and planning homecoming would become a discussion of themes, layouts, colors, centerpieces and decorations. As the president, my task was to be able to mediate a discussion that involved my opinion without favoring.

  • Clark: Run, don't sprint, through life

    Welcome family, friends, and graduates, as we come together on this momentous occasion to celebrate all the achievements that have led us to where we are sitting today.

  • Frandsen: Time to kick the world's butt

    Well we did it. We’re here. We made it to graduation, guys. All that we’ve looked forward to or the past four years is finally coming to pass. Now we’re all going to go our separate ways and make our own marks on the world around us.

  • Webb: Always strive to find the new

    Hello, my fellow seniors. We’ve finally made it through 12 years of public schooling, and finally, we get to walk up to this here stage, and receive our ticket to our futures. It’s been a long road full of trial and error, with both positives and negatives. There may have been those classes that you could sleep through, and still pass it with flying colors. There were also those ones where your brain would physically hurt from not understanding a word the teacher was saying. But now, high school is almost over, and we must move on. Though it is nice to reminisce on the past, we must still look to the future.

  • Cohn: Don't let discouragement keep you down

    Yeah, Yeah I know. You only have to listen to one more nerd talk before you get to graduate and go celebrate, so I'll try and make this tolerable for everyone. Unfortunately they told me I can't just stand up here and tell jokes, so here goes nothing.

  • Chatwin: Do your very, very best

    Hey my fellow graduates! It is about time that we are going to graduate from high school! But first and for possibly the last time as high school student we will now do the D-Ridge cheer (D-What? D-Ridge!) The time has come where the journey is about to begin, kind of crazy to think that the journey is about to begin. Some people might say that the journey already began when we first started school all the way back in kindergarten. But the thing is graduates this is where we become adults. I personally think that this is going to be hard. Most of you know me that I am not ready to be an adult. Except I am ready for the adventure and so are you. As our chapter continues and we begin college, jobs, the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force whatever it might be that you are going to do, do it to the best of your ability. This brings me to a saying that I have pondered on for a long time. The saying is by Gordon B. Hinckley, "Do your best, your very, very best," which leads to who we a…

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