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Webb: Always strive to find the new

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Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2014 4:30 pm

Hello, my fellow seniors. We’ve finally made it through 12 years of public schooling, and finally, we get to walk up to this here stage, and receive our ticket to our futures. It’s been a long road full of trial and error, with both positives and negatives. There may have been those classes that you could sleep through, and still pass it with flying colors. There were also those ones where your brain would physically hurt from not understanding a word the teacher was saying. But now, high school is almost over, and we must move on. Though it is nice to reminisce on the past, we must still look to the future.

English philosopher Bertrand Russell once said “The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” The constant search for knowledge has been an integral part of life for humans for millennia. We’ve observed objects that we couldn’t possibly hope of actually coming in contact with, as reaching them would take longer than the entire length of human civilization with existing technology. We’ve discovered that everybody and everything is made of the same fundamental building blocks. We’ve even come up with better and faster ways of delivering embarrassing pictures to friends, and pretty much everybody with a computer or phone. The relatively basic understanding of the world is still light-years ahead of what was known in the days of the Roman Empire. The rate of such scientific discoveries has increased incredibly quickly in the last few decades. There has been a push in recent years to increase the scientific knowledge of our populace, and the primary method is through school programs. We are fortunate enough to have one such program here at Desert Ridge. The engineering program has let hundreds of students have an engineering experience before stepping a foot into college. This year was especially exciting, as we had the opportunity to design our own projects. This pain and frustration of trying to get an invention working was well worth the payoff. This program, however, would not be possible without the help of our wonderful engineering teacher, Mrs. Grace. I’ve been in her classes three out of the last four years, and I have definitely developed the skills necessary to be successful in the field of engineering. She has pushed us to think outside of the box to solve problems, from our freshman year trying to build our 3-D model trains, to this year where we had inventions as diverse as computer mouse and a umpire clicker. Through her support of my fellow seniors, we have made it through four years of this program, and are proud to wear these orange tassels.

I’d like to thank all of the teachers I’ve had over the years, as they have helped me to further my goals of getting into engineering, and for helping the other six hundred kids in my graduating class. We thank you for your service, and we hope that you continue doing the same for the future graduating classes. I also would like to thank my parents and my brother for supporting me through the years, especially through high school. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support of me in school, and in life. To you, fellow seniors, I leave you with this: never stop searching for the unknown. There will always be something bigger and more important to be discovered. Never let the drive to discover new things end, whether it be in school or after it. Good luck in your futures, and I’d say we’ve got about two hours until we’re out of here and finally graduates.

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