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ADE School Grading System

The Arizona Department of Education released "letter grades" for each school on Aug. 1, 2013, demonstrating its rating of how the school is performing.

“A” schools demonstrate an excellent level of performance.

“B” schools demonstrate an above average level of performance.

“C” schools demonstrate an average level of performance.

“D” schools demonstrate a below average level of performance.

“F” schools are those that rank as a “D” school for three consecutive years. “F” schools are placed under the school improvement process by the

Arizona Department of Education so that they can receive extra support and resources.

Schools are evaluated on a 200 point system, with half the score determined by the percentage of students passing AIMS (bonus points are available for graduation rate, reclassification of English Language Learners and the dropout rate).

The other 100 points are awarded based on academic growth, both growth of all students and growth of the bottom 25 percent of students.

[Source: Arizona Department of Education]

Helpful tip: Use the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet to view either school performance labels or school letter grades.

About 'AIMS'...

Students in Arizona’s public schools are required to take Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards every year to gauge their academic performance – and that of their schools.

AIMS math and reading tests are taken in grades three through eight, plus 10th grade.

Writing is taken in grades 5, 6, 7 and 10, and science in grades four, eight and 10.

High school students are required to pass AIMS to receive a diploma.