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LeAnn Rimes in her own words

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Posted: Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:00 pm

LeAnn Rimes will be at the Mesa Arts Center Sunday, Dec. 9. Get Out chatted with her about her upcoming show, her new album and how the last year has impacted her.

The first single, “What Have I Done” from her new album “Spitfire” was released in August. Her new album will be in stores in the spring.

Q: What can fans in Arizona expect at your Mesa show?

A: Well, since it’s around the holidays, we’re doing holiday songs for fun. So it’s a little bit of a different show we’ve been doing this year. I’m also doing a lot of songs off the new album, “Spitfire.” We play holiday stuff, things off the last album “Lady and A Gentleman” and a lot of the hits, too. I used to follow a set list when I was younger, but now I go by what the crowd likes. So it’s a little different every night, it keeps it exciting for sure.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Was there something growing up or something that’s developed over the years?

A: I’ve always been a big Christmas fan. My godfather spoiled me and it was always a huge holiday spirit and now to carry that over to my family and the stepchildren... It takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids around.

I realize now how annoying I was as a child. I would always look in every spot possible. What we have to go through, the lengths to hide gifts, it’s absolutely insane.

I realize how much I love Christmas. It’s really fun. Christmas decorations went up three weeks ago and we try to stretch it out as long as possible. Being on the road as much as I am, during the holidays I take advantage of it as much as I can.

Q: Looking back, do you have one of your songs you connect that you still connect with today?

A: I’m feeling more connected to the things I’m working on now. The album “Spitfire” is probably the most revealing album, the songs in it kind of come from my heart and soul. There is definitely nothing that I’m hiding in this album. So I think that these songs paint a really clear picture of where I’ve been and the feelings I’ve had and where I’m headed to a certain extent.

It’s been an amazing ride to write this album. I kind of relive these things every night, even though I’m in a different place. All of these emotions are right there under my skin. There’s a lot of emotion that goes into the performance of these songs, these songs more than anything.

I think I’ve fallen right into this humanity for this record, this life... to be able to have the celebrity of LeAnn Rimes and LeAnn the human being, but it all kind of folds into who I am in this record. And that’s saying a lot after making music after all these years.

Q: Did you know when putting this album together, did you know that it was going to be so different, that it was going to be so personal?

A: No, I actually didn’t. I started writing it about four years ago. I stopped and made “Lady and A Gentleman,” which was the last record that I did last year, and then I came back to this one. And I’m glad I did because I don’t think I knew the light it was going to take on.

After going through all I’ve been through, I started to write “Borrowed” and I realized how incredibly honest that was and I thought, “Hell if I can do that…” And it just opened the floodgate of emotions and feelings that are on this record.

I had no idea that it would take on that kind of life. It’s just amazing for me as a human being and I think it’s how I’m going to approach music from here on out. That means that there really are no boundaries of things I can’t write about or feelings I can’t express. It’s a freeing experience. It’s opened a new door as far as my artistry and my writing.

Q: Obviously, you’ve been going through a lot and it’s been making it into the news. Is there anything you’d want to tell your fans about how you’re doing now?

A: I think it’s funny. People think that they know me so well from all that they’ve read, but I can guarantee that 99 percent of it is not true. It’s pretty amazing to see that people will believe what is said.

I took care of myself, I take care of myself. I’m in a really great place right now and I’m happy. I’ve lived a very full life for 30, so I think it was time to take care of myself this year. I’m happy in my marriage and as a stepmom and I have great friends. I’m in the most settled place I’ve been in in a long time. It’s a great place to be for sure.

Q: Is spitfire a word you would use to describe yourself?

A: I’m evolving. I’m evolving into someone who has a strong point of view. I think that “Spitfire” is a great title for this record because I do feel like I’m spitting fire on this album. I don’t hold back. It’s one of the things I would have felt ashamed to say or held back, but I didn’t on this record.

With that honesty comes… it’s only at my expense. I’m not out to hurt anyone. It’s at my expense at the end of the day. I think honesty has opened the door to my fans to see another side of me that they’ve never known, and they’ve known me for a long time. I’ve evolved into a woman who has a strong sense of self and I’m not afraid to show it through my music. I think that’s the perfect place to come out.

Q: Do you have anything else coming up?

A: Possible book, possible film stuff coming up... So nothing I can talk about just yet, but there’s a lot of exciting things personally and professionally. I’m in a great place and I feel like I’m more open than ever before. I think things are definitely coming my way, left and right, and whatever lands is meant to be. But over the four years of making the record, I’m so happy to finally be sharing it with everyone.

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