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Family Glance: 'The Way, Way Back,' 'Red 2,' 'Pacific Rim,' 'The East' and more

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Posted: Monday, July 22, 2013 4:15 pm

A guide to movies from a family perspective:

"The Way, Way Back"

-- Rated: PG-13.

-- Suitable for: Mature tweens and above.

-- What you should know: This is a terrific coming-of-age dramedy about a 14-year-old forced to spend part of the summer with his mother and her boyfriend at a beach house. The teen comes into his own when he sneaks off to a water park, lands a job and finds sympathetic friends.

-- Language: One F-word, a dozen or so mild expletives, plus a raised middle finger and an offensive word that is spelled out in a cutesy but unmistakable way.

-- Sexual situations and nudity: Kisses, ogling of bikini-clad girls and a couple who ask to have the house to themselves for reasons not shown.

-- Violence/scary situations: Emotional outbursts.

-- Drug or alcohol use: Adults consume lots of booze, a teen regularly steals her dad's beer, a quickie weed sale and a joke or two about drugs.

"Red 2"

-- Rated: PG-13.

-- Suitable for: High-school students and older.

-- What you should know: This action comedy is a sequel to the 2010 movie based on a graphic novel reuniting retired CIA agents. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker reprise their roles, and Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung Hun Lee join the fray. This time, it's about avoiding assassins and keeping a superweapon from detonating and killing millions.

-- Language: One F-word, a couple of uses of profanity and about a dozen milder four-letter words.

-- Sexual situations and nudity: A man is shown shirtless, and some kisses are delivered with passion or in the service of a covert mission.

-- Violence/scary situations: Pretty much from beginning to end, with violence either dramatized or referenced. A car with an occupant explodes, a man is shown in a coffin, gunfire throughout claims many victims, there are car chases and plane and helicopter crashes or explosions, people taken hostage, hard slaps delivered, the injection of some poison, use of a Taser, talk about skinning people alive and bloody faces.

-- Drug or alcohol use: Adults drink wine, champagne or vodka, and there is talk about LSD.

"Pacific Rim"

-- Rated: PG-13.

-- Suitable for: Children 10 or 11 years old and older.

-- What you should know: This is a noisy, action-packed sci-fi film in which enormous monsters battle giant robots controlled by a pair of pilots working inside the metallic behemoths.

-- Language: A handful of uses of profanity plus a dozen or so milder words.

-- Sexual situations and nudity: Almost none. A man is shown shirtless.

-- Violence/scary situations: Pretty much from beginning to end, with frightening, enormous monsters that rise from the sea, wipe out entire cities and jeopardize the future of mankind. The movie is punctuated by loud, protracted confrontations between bots and beasts, leaving paths of destruction in their wake. Characters are killed or sacrifice themselves, and one is grabbed and swallowed by a monster. A flashback shows a little girl crying and quaking in terror after a beast killed her parents. Also, an old-fashioned fistfight and some scary scientific experiments and explosions.

-- Drug and alcohol use: Nothing notable.

"The East"

-- Rated: PG-13.

-- Suitable for: Mature high-school students and older.

-- What you should know: This is a story about corporate espionage and eco-terrorists. When a former FBI agent, played by Brit Marling, goes undercover with an anarchist collective, she finds her loyalties tested.

-- Language: A couple of mild expletives.

-- Sexual situations and nudity: A man's bare behind is flashed, as he exits a bathtub. A couple are shown in bed, and a game pairs up players who kiss.

-- Violence/scary situations: A woman is shot and shown in agony before a makeshift operation to remove the bullet. People are held at gunpoint or served drinks laced with drugs with devastating effects. There is talk about a sibling suicide, accidental death of parents and poisonous deadly water. A body is shown during a makeshift burial.

-- Drug and alcohol use: A wine glass is shown at bedside, and champagne is served at a party.

"The Lone Ranger"

-- Rated: PG-13.

-- Suitable for: Tweens and above.

-- What you should know: The movie runs 149 minutes and tells the story of Tonto and the masked man. It stars Johnny Depp, in elaborate makeup, and Armie Hammer, who played the prince in "Mirror, Mirror," the Winklevoss twins in "The Social Network" and Clyde Tolson in "J. Edgar."

-- Language: Perhaps a dozen uses of stronger versions of "heck" or "darn."

-- Sexual situations and nudity: A kiss, some leering and a one-legged madam and saloon/brothel operator.

-- Violence/scary situations: Many, including gunshots that wound or kill, chases atop speeding trains, prisoner escapes, a row of corpses being buried and scenes with other bodies, a nearly fatal fire, a massive explosion, train derailments, wild horseback riding, bank robbery, kidnapping, a child who is slapped and whose life is in peril, and a bloodthirsty (literally) outlaw who cuts out a man's heart.

-- Drug and alcohol use: Adults with champagne, whiskey and other alcoholic drinks.

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