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What is an Override?

The State of Arizona allows school districts to ask its taxpayers to increase its operating budget by 10% to 15% by conducting an override election. If approved, the election authorizes the increase for up to seven (7) years.

Has the district held an override election in the past?

Chandler Unified School District taxpayers have approved a 10% override since 1989. The district is requesting an increase from 10% to 15% starting with FY 2013-14. The additional 5% could increase the tax rate by approximately 53 cents. Therefore, on a home valued at $100,000 the cost could be about $53 per year.

Does an increase in the tax rate mean a taxpayer will pay more?

Not necessarily. For example, the $53 noted above could be less if new businesses and homes are added to the tax roll.

How much have the total property taxes increased or decreased for someone living in the school district?

This is dependent upon assessed values. For example, a home in the district and City of Chandler currently valued at $119,100 experienced a decrease.

Total Paid Property Taxes

2002 = $1,129.40

2011 = $1,068.92

How will the override funding be used?

A successful override will allow the district to maintain and improve student-teacher ratios, retain effective programs and services and continue to attract and retain the best teachers. In addition, it will help the district recover the $36 million cut from CUSD’s budget by the Legislature over the last four years. The passage also reduces the district’s need to eliminate programs and services to students and parents.

How do we know that the money will not be spent on administrative costs?

Chandler Unified School District has no intention of changing its practice of maintaining low administrative costs as evidenced by the 2011 Auditor General’s report. In fact, over a ten year period, our percentage spent on administration decreased from 4.59% to 4.16%.

How does Arizona compare to other states?

Chandler Unified School District has a reputation of effectively managing its money and maximizing our tax dollars through partnerships with the City, local businesses and institutions of higher education.

According to Public Education Finance only two (2) states provide less funding for schools than Arizona (Idaho and Utah).

Will the District levy the entire 15%?

The District will levy only 14% of the 15% override the first year to cover past state funding cuts. After the first year, the District can levy the entire 15%.

[Information courtesy Chandler Unified School District]

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