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The Vent: March 16

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Posted: Friday, March 16, 2012 9:37 am

“Well our illustrious president felt the need to see March Madness for himself and the British PM. Naturally, he paid for all with his own money. NOT. He made the very generous taxpayer pay $480,000 and didn’t thank us!”

“Rick Santorum is right, church and state need not be separated. Such a state could lead to great things like we had in the 17th century. No more unruly protests, complete control over women’s rights, maybe in time burn a few witches at the stake for halftime entertainment. All of these things are possible, just ask any Ayatollah. We can’t afford to let Republican controlled states turn their legislatures into time machines.”

“Birth control pills and contraception cut down on unwanted children, cut down on abortions and save us millions of dollars! If it is against your religion, don’t use them, but let those who are poor and whose religion it is not against get them.”

“Let me get this straight. The Phoenix/Tempe ‘public’ bus drivers are on strike because after 10 years, they are only getting five weeks paid vacation, $24.00 an hour, 11 paid holidays, a pension, medical, dental, hospitalization and vision benefits and are guaranteed pay raises for the next five years. Qualifications for bus driver are; Arizona commercial driver’s license, high school diploma, four weeks training, 20/40 eyesight, able to pass a physical and be a US citizen. What do these people have to go on strike for? Most Arizona workers would kill for this ‘no lay-off’ cushy job. Get off the picket line and go back to helping old people, poor people and students go to work, school and the doctor’s office.”

“If the liberal left truly believes their agenda is better and more honest, why then do they feel it’s necessary to hide the lies with biased media reporting?”

“Fox News claims to be the most watched news station. Sure makes them sound popular. The facts are they are on the cheapest cable or satellite packages. They have worked their way into Americas living room by offering affordable spin.”

“Could someone please explain to me why — when we are drilling and exporting more natural gas and oil than ever — gas prices are so high? I mean, don’t the ‘Big Oil’ companies make enough profit? Now they have to export our country’s oil, so that their profits can go even higher? How much money do they need? If they truly loved our country, wouldn’t you think that they would keep the petroleum in America, to drive prices down?”

“Chandler officials like Christine Mackay have been knowingly making false promises regarding the so-called economic advantage of the Chandler Airport for decades. The fact is that the Chandler Airport is nothing more than a nuisance and public safety hazard. Why would anyone continue to operate an airport in the middle of a residential community? Time to shut it down.”

“The U.S. soldier rampage killings in Afghanistan is a tragedy. It definitely does not help our image there. All the national news networks spent a lot of time discussing and analyzing what happened. It will probably go on for weeks if not months. Also in the news is the fact that to date at least 14 youths in Iraq were ‘stoned to death’ for what they wear and how they cut their hair. Nothing on the national news networks. Is this what we fought for?”

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