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Posted: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 9:37 pm

Like most politicians, it is the hard times--the heartache and the sorrow that rouse my muse. Inspiration sometimes comes scalding and gritty on the shoulders of a dust devil and other times in violent monsoon flashes that rake these Arizona deserts. But always it resonates deep within me, like a coyote call in a blood-red canyon

Freedom, like anything worth having, requires constant attention. For whatever reason, we blinked, and now we find ourselves on the south side of a very heavy boulder. We don't need rah rah people on the sidelines now; we need hands on the rock and a determination to get back to the top of that mountain, because, as we know, the view is much better up there...for all Americans.

The greatness of America is best achieved through the principles of our founding fathers as written in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States. A lean and efficient government working with a free market is not only the most logical approach to our democratic republic, but the most beneficial for we, its citizens. With my leadership, Arizona will stand as a model of prosperity with lower taxes, efficient spending, and a balanced budget.

In order to achieve many of our goals, we must define who we are as Americans and Arizonans. This requires a border defined not just by a line on the map, but by the conviction to preserve what is ours.

The Arizona educational system can and will be among the best in the nation but with common sense solutions not truck-loads of cash. Blindly throwing money at a problem is like running from a lion with a steak in your back pocket -- it'll keep coming until it bites you in the you-know-what!

Arizonans are a proud lot and ours is the only hand that feeds us, though bleedin' rattlers don't pay what it used to. From this same parched land that sustained our forefathers, I will entice business back to Arizona with a simple and competitive tax structure. We're not turning the keys over to big business; we're joining forces with the hard-working Americans who provide us with the bounty of services and goods we too often take for granted.

Yup, it's sometimes lonely out here on the range, but taking a lesson from fellas like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin Arizona will flourish. Let our prosperity be a beacon to the rest of the nation. God bless America!

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