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Posted: Saturday, July 31, 2010 12:18 pm

Dear fellow American,

I am a US Navy veteran, a mother of three beautiful children (ages 19, 13, and 10), and wife to my late husband Daniel Townsend. I am the co-founder and President of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, and have owned two small businesses, as well as been in management for over 23 years. I have founded or co-founded 8 successful non-profit organizations, which were created in response to local issues that needed resolve.

I decided to run when I began to see that integrity was in short supply, the Arizona Constitution was being ignored, deals were being made, and strong resolutions were not being passed. I felt we needed those in the legislature who have the strength to do what is right regardless of how unpopular it is. I chose to run because I know have the experience, integrity, and backbone needed to make the hard decisions and return prosperity to Arizona once again.


I am actively in support of SB1070, and worked diligently to help get the bill passed. I stood to defend the Governor's actions in signing it when interviewed by the media several times, when it was not a popular thing to do yet. On my Facebook fan page, you can see the many interviews regarding this and other issues.

The Budget

I will work hard to eliminate entitlement programs for illegal aliens, scrub the AHCCCS rolls to ensure there are no deceased or fraudulent recipients, work to make Arizona more business-friendly, and will seek ways to generate funds along with ways to cut expenditures. Above all, I will defend the Arizona's Constitution which forbids us to spend more than we generate.

2nd Amendment

I come from a family of law enforcement, so I was raised with a respect for our second amendment rights. I am a member of the NRA, and above all a defender of Constitutional rights.


I understand the need for quality education, however I also note that we are sending even less money to the classroom than before Prop 301 was passed. It will be my goal to ensure the classroom is top priority and these funds are not lining the pockets of the administration in lieu of providing a good education for our kids.

What sets me apart from my colleagues is that I am highly accessible to you, as your concerns are very important to me. I am a concerned citizen, just like you, and am deeply committed to stand for what is right for Arizona. Through the tea party I have been representing the voice of the people, and have already been actively working with the legislature on your behalf. I represent the patriotic American citizen, and with your many voices along side of me, we will be an effective influence at the Capitol.

Again, I appreciate your time and your vote. Together we can clean up and restore our state and country to its rightful place of honor.

In your service,

Kelly Townsend


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