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Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 6:01 pm

Barry Hess has been an active pro-liberty Libertarian since 1987. He is currently serving his third term as vice-chair of the Arizona Libertarian Party and his 5th term as a precinct committeeman.

Barry was appointed to the federal H.A.V.A. committee representing Arizona by then Secretary of State, Jan Brewer. As a point of distinction, he was the single vote, from a body of 20 Citizens from each of 50 states, ‘against' instituting electronic voting to replace the verifiability of simple paper ballots. Barry does not hesitate to stand up for what he knows is right.

He has been an active part of Arizona's political scene, consistently injecting the ‘freedom' message in public discourse at peer level with all of Arizona's political leaders. He is a popular speaker at Libertarian National Conventions as well as F.I.J.A., (fully informed jury association), N.O.R.M.A.L. (normalization of marijuana laws), College/High School Political Science Classes, and he was elected (had to decline to campaign) 1st delegate to the Continental Congress 2009 to represent Arizona.

As a popular radio, television and video host, guest host, columnist, writer, commentator, and speaker, Barry has influenced the political culture of Arizona in profound ways by exposing more people than ever to the sanity of the libertarian political philosophy.

His absolute adherence to libertarian philosophy is now paying off; Barry has earned the endorsements of major Arizona political figures like Senator Karen Johnson, the matriarch of Arizona Republican politics, and Sheriff Richard Mack, iconic Republican Gun Rights Activist and Constitutionalist. It takes a lot of political courage for these great people to cross party lines during the Primary, and it does not go without notice.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Barry's endorsements are nearly endless (you can see many of them on our website,, but include Libertarian Party Founder, current candidate for the U.S. Senate and inventor of the world's smallest political quiz, David Nolan; 2004 Libertarian Presidential Nominee and Constitutional scholar, Michael Badnarik; long-time freedom activist, radio host and publisher of , Ernest Hancock; Medical Health Activist, Steve Kubby; WWE World Champion, "Kane" (Glenn Jacobs), The Boston Tea (Political) Party and far too many other freedom activists and influences to list.

Even the state newspaper of record, the Arizona Republic, endorsed Barry Hess (paste this into your browser to see the full endorsement: with an enthusiastic headline; "Hess stands out as Libertarian governor hopeful". The endorsement continued, "Of all the offices for which Libertarian Barry Hess previously has campaigned, this race for governor, this year, would seem to be his time."

We know all the long years of hard work are paying off when the Major Newspaper editorial board knows what it means to be Libertarian; "Especially with a political orientation like Libertarianism, consistency matters. We back the long-established Hess for his party's nomination for governor."

This is Barry's 3rd run for Governor, a distinction he shares with Democrat competitor, Attorney General Terry Goddard. In each of his past runs, Barry has made significant progress in raising his positive name recognition, support and media coverage. The value of Barry's extensive experience, relationships and his consistency was recently underscored by a Republican candidate who spent $3.2 Million, and then suspended his campaign because he could not get his name ‘out there' to be competitive.

Barry has long-since proven his mettle by earning coverage for his campaign by the credible news outlets. Barry's campaigns have always proven to be thought provoking and appealing to virtually all Arizonans. His personality, his candid responses, and his clearly defined solutions to many of Arizona's woes have increased his support and interest in this campaign. "The noticeable ‘momentum' we are experiencing in all groups is absolutely exciting! With hundreds of events behind and another hundred to go before November, I want to hit the ground in a sprint for the General Election in November!" said, Hess earlier today.

Hess' past debate performances have shown him to be a formidable and well-reasoned voice for a small government, eliminating all personal taxes and over-reaching or useless regulations. Barry is a proponent for individual liberties and responsibilities. Hess plans to re-focus State government on providing a true and valuable service to the People of Arizona by protecting their property, their inherent rights and their person. He has put together Libertarian ideas in such a way as to attract a vast new audience for the ‘freedom' message.

Barry presents his proposals to create much-needed jobs, on taxes, education, on immigration, on border security and SB1070 in ways that don't increase the financial burden on fellow Arizonans, or require more growth of government. See them at:

This is our time to show the strength of the Libertarian influence in Arizona politics. This is the time we've all been waiting for. Please cast your vote for Barry Hess on November 2nd, and please generously support this campaign to represent the Libertarian Freedom message on the political battlefield.

Make this your campaign, and we'll write some history together.

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