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Letter: Patterson needs a lesson on realities of ‘inequality’

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Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 8:30 am

Tom Patterson’s column, “Marriage gap contributes to inequality,” seems to leave out the harsh realities of inequality in America. Tens of millions of Americans struggle to survive economically, while the wealthiest people are doing very well and corporate profits are at an all time high. In fact, wealth and income inequality is greater today than at any time before the great depression. One family now owns more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of Americans. In recent years 95 percent of all new income has gone to the top 1 percent. How can Mr. Patterson say the “key to the whole deal, the most basic explanation of what’s going on is the marriage gap?” Nations will not survive when so few have so much and so many have so little. It has nothing to do with a “marriage gap.”

Mr. Patterson is in another world, saying “Co-habitation and children are most responsible for widening the gulf between the haves and the have nots.” Realities point to the fact that the top 1 percent owns 38 percent of the financial wealth of the nation, while the bottom 60 percent owns only 2.3 percent. A progressive tax system is needed that has the wealthy paying their fair share of taxes and ends outrageous loopholes that enable 1 out of 4 corporations to pay nothing in federal income taxes. Realties of inequality in America is the jobs and the minimum wage. We have a crumbling infrastructure and a need for good, energy-efficient jobs, and the minimum wage needs to be raised to a LIVING wage.

I find Mr. Patterson’s perplexing comments about a marriage gap contributing to inequality very distasteful and appalling. He has failed to see the realities of inequality in America. President Obama, in reality, is trying to fix that gap, but we have a dysfunctional Congress that Mr. Patterson backs contributing more to the inequality gap than a marriage gap.

Mr. Patterson you swung and missed on this one completely!

John Chiazza


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