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Arizona centennial essays: High school

As part of Arizona’s centennial celebration, the East Valley Tribune asked students to write an essay on why they’re proud to live in Arizona.


Adrianne Autiangco

Arizona is a place for beautiful places, animals and people. It is a place for people to get a good tan. In the winter, the weather is perfect. There are many places to visit here; no one is ever bored here. Living here is easy because the weather is compatible with Arizonans, there are many beautiful places here, and the safeties of us are always considered.

  • Angelisa Cervantes

    To live in Arizona is absolutely fantastic! Everyone that lives here has their own way of living. Changes to the state are happening, for better and for worse. Along the way of becoming a better state for all the citizens, Arizona is getting a bunch of publicity. Individuals are loving all the cameras, articles, and news segments on our community. Arizona is experiencing its fifteen minutes of fame. Yes that may be attention drawing, but Arizona is a wonderful place for many other reasons as well and I am glad to be here.

  • Rae Cole

    Arizona. These seven letters make up more than just one of our 50 states. They make up the home I’ve known since 2007, and the place I never want to leave. To me, Arizona is more than just a blistering desert; it’s the place where I want to finish out my education, start my career, and someday raise my children. Arizona is the perfect place to live; from the Grand Canyon to the infamous Lake Havasu, we have everything your heart could ever desire.

  • Jacqueline Harris

    Living in Arizona is a great honor. We have really nice weather compared to many other states which is why it’s a good feeling to be able to enjoy 30-degree winters after having to endure stifling hot summers. Honestly, it’s an absolute dream to not have to worry about hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, tornadoes, and any other natural disasters one can imagine. Watching the news to find out what terrible things are occurring across the globe makes me eternally grateful that I live in a state as delightful as Arizona.

  • Michael Hermosillo

    Arizona. Nothing but desert. Most people call it a nightmare, I call it home. Arizona has this feeling of having a luxury of a big city but with a small town feel and that is why I love it here. The state has so much to offer, from the weather and culture to the great communities among the state, Arizona is a great place to live.

  • Alyssa King

    Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Arizonan’s are lucky enough, to not even have to go on vacations, they already live in paradise. People all over the world strive to live in Arizona; some people even leave their hometowns, to be present during the wonderful seasons, that Arizona is known for.

  • Warren Nau

    Arizona is the best place in the world to live. There are a lot of activities to do without worrying about the weather. It is always sunny here. You do not need to have a heavy coat to live in Arizona. In Arizona there is great weather, activities, and a lot of historic places to go.

  • Taylor Tiner

    Arizona is a wonderful and beautiful state. Results show that people that live in Arizona love living there. People that have lived in another state have said that they would pick Arizona over any state. The environment is different than other states, for instance, it is in fact the desert. There is a lot of brown rock, so if someone likes green, full trees, this probably would take some time to getting used to. There are numerous more advantages to this state than others. For instance the weather is amazing, the people are extremely polite and there are a million things to do besides just going to the mall every weekend.

  • Windy Vo

    What makes me proud to live in Arizona? Oh, that is a broad question with many factors to consider, many minutiae to brood over. Several wits would try to propose idealistic abstractions of the native inhabitants and their culture or chimerical musings of indolent reveries. However curiously riveting it all is, should we not consider more primitively? I do not mean to say we ought to endeavor to make idle pleasantry out of the ordinary and banal prosaic — quite the opposite — what I do propose is that we should recognize the artistry that the basic, primitive roots of Arizona offer. If one were to just pause, transcend into an unadulterated retrograde, then one could take note of the ever-permeating sense of la dolce vita that suffuses itself into all of Arizona’s existence. There is much to regard from the always-metamorphosing faces of the ever-stretching eggshell fields to the mysterious nervousness that settles onto the shoulders of the archaic mountains during the allotted…

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