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Arizona centennial essays: Middle school

As part of Arizona’s centennial celebration, the East Valley Tribune asked students to write an essay on why they’re proud to live in Arizona.


Sylvia Delvalle

My name is Sylvia Delvalle, I have lived in Arizona for 3 years. I like living in Arizona. I am a seventh grader at Willis Junior High School.

  • Lourdes George

    Even though I am not an Arizona native, I am proud to live in Arizona for its beautiful sunsets, the monsoon season and the burning heat.

  • Merine James

    Arizona is the sixth largest state in the U.S. I am proud to live in Arizona for many reasons. Arizona can state some of the nation’s best landscapes. The Grand Canyon is a great attraction to our state. The warm weather, different-cultured people and living in a wonderful neighborhood makes me proud to live in Arizona.

  • Isaiah Jimenez

    I am proud to be an Arizonan. I am a 7th grader at Willis jr high. I live in Arizona my whole life, and I like living here.

  • William King

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because of the many places that you go to eat. If you have lived in Arizona for a time, then you know how many places we have to eat at. That is one of the reasons that people come to Arizona.

  • Anna Kittrell

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because I was born here, so I have lived here a long time. I go to Willis jr. high, which is in chandler, but I live in Gilbert. Living in Arizona is good, and Arizona is a safe place to live.

  • Alyssa Lim

    I am proud to be from Arizona. I can be proud to say that it’s a wonderful state to live in for several reasons.

  • Dhruva Moudgal

    Out of all the 50 states, plus D.C. And Puerto Rico, Arizona is truly the most awesome. What makes it so great? Take a look around. What do you see? I see a desert. A desert with tons of houses. A desert with a thriving city, sports teams, major corporations, and tons of water parks and tourist attractions. Go up north. Now what do you see? You’ll see a dense, green pine forest with snow and ski-resorts. How many states have that kind of dramatic climate change? Not too many. But in Arizona, you can go from pure, 100 percent desert to snow-capped mountains with forests.

  • Lauren Murphy

    As an Arizona native, I am very proud to live in Arizona for three great reasons: our great history, our sunsets, and how the people of Arizona came together after the Tucson tragedy.

  • Isaac Ortiz

    I’m proud to be an Arizonan. My name is Isaac Ortiz, and I am an 8th grader at Willis Jr high. Why I’m proud to be is three reasons and I’m going to tell you.

  • David Redondo

    I’m proud of being in Arizona. I lived in Chandler for 1 year. I’m 13 years old.

  • Salvador Santana

    The cool thing in Arizona is the water parks, like Wet n’ Wild and Sun Splash. There are a lot of rivers and lakes. There are lots of zoos you could go visit with your families and friends. It’s a lot of fun. There are lots of museums. The best thing is to visit the Grand Canyon.

  • Mason Schmidt

    You may be proud to be from your states such as New York or Colorado, but 1 am proud to be from Arizona because of its history, geography and cactus. Here are some examples of why Arizona is a great state.

  • Miles Steadman

    On October 18, 1993 I was born in the Chandler Regional Hospital here in Arizona. I have lived in Arizona all my life, but have traveled to many different places in my time. The strongest feeling upon returning home from a long vacation is always one of joy. Traveling around the world makes me realize how great the state we live in actually is. From the meticulously sculpted Grand Canyon to the thriving metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona will always stimulate a feeling of pride.

  • Amy West

    I love living in Arizona because of the weather. In Arizona, the weather is always unpredictable. It can be hotter than the sun one day, but colder than Flagstaff’s snow another.

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