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Arizona centennial essays: Elementary school

As part of Arizona’s centennial celebration, the East Valley Tribune asked students to write an essay on why they’re proud to live in Arizona.


Alexandra Baran

I’m writing this to tell you reasons I like Arizona. I love Arizona! One of the things I love about Arizona, it’s hot! I have only one reason. I couldn’t decide!

  • Erik Brekke

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because it’s always nice outside. There are warm mornings and warm winters. There are deserts everywhere.

  • Joseph Broucek

    Was your trip to Hawaii canceled? Are you depressed? Well you shouldn’t be, because you can still come to Arizona. Arizona is a very opulent state. It is also a great place where you can just have fun on vacation. While you’re in Arizona you can do a lot of fascinating things, like snowboarding, skiing, hiking, cycling, swimming, and you can visit a various amount of national parks. You can do almost all of those things any day you want in Arizona. Here are my most important reasons why I am proud to be an Arizonan.

  • Bella Castillo

    I am happy to be in Arizona because it never gets earthquakes or anything bad! I’m proud because it has nice weather.

  • Elias Chaib

    I’m proud to live in Arizona. It’s a wonderful place to live. You could sit anywhere and watch the sun set. Every morning you wake up and can hear birds chirping. They will make the whole day great.

  • Brooke Dawson

    Are you proud to live in Arizona? I am. I have a lot of reasons why I like to live here.

  • Alexys Denney

    I live in Mesa and I’m proud to be an Arizonan because I was born here. This is my home, this is where I have been my entire life. I will never leave my home.

  • Aiyanna Egnew

    Have you ever wanted to go somewhere in the world? Why not consider Arizona? I am very proud to live in Arizona for many reasons. Arizona has many historical sites including Canyon de Chelly, Spider Rock and the Grand Canyon. Arizona has many interesting animals like cactus wrens and sidewinder rattlesnakes. Though my favorite thing about Arizona is that I am surrounded by so many different kinds of people including Indians, Mexicans, Asians and more!

  • Benjamin Emerick

    Have you ever been excited about something, and you wanted to tell the world? Well, that’s what I’m doing now. And I’m telling you about my home, Arizona, one of the Seven Wonders of the World (just kidding). There are three reasons why I like Arizona. Reason one is the wide variety of animals to study. Reason two is the fabulous scenery to go and see. And reason three is all of fun you can have in Arizona. That is why I’m proud to be an Arizonan.

  • Elizabeth Fuchs

    Have you ever been to a place so incredibly alluring? I have, it’s Arizona. Arizona has a wonderful climate. In the summer it’s usually around 108 degrees. It also has very interesting animals, such as the gila monster and the king snake. There are so many diverting landmarks in Arizona.

  • Lourdes George

    Even though I am not an Arizona native, I am proud to live in Arizona for its beautiful sunsets, the monsoon season and the burning heat.

  • Jaxen Gibbons

    This is why I’m proud to be an Arizonan. It has the Arizona State Sun Devils. Arizona is my home. It is where I was born. That is one reason why I’m proud of Arizona.

  • Zoe Graves-Kettler

    I am proud to live in Arizona because it has very pretty sights. You get used to warm weather if you live here. Other places have cool weather. Usually we have clear skies. That is sometimes a bad thing though.

  • Antonio Gutierrez

    Are you proud to live in Arizona? Well if you ask me, then yes. Because of the beautiful sights like the Grand Canyon. I went to the Grand Canyon when I was little. But when I got there the weather was crazy. The wind was hard. It blew me away! Then it finally ended so we went back the next day. The weather was perfect.

  • Rachel Hakkal

    Are you proud of the place where you live? I am! I am proud to be an Arizonan! There are several different reasons why I love my home, but I will only share three. Arizona is a magical place because of its nature, climate, and diversity of cultures.

  • Jade Hansen

    There are a lot of reasons I am proud to be in Arizona. These are some reasons why I am proud.

  • Ben Henry

    It’s true that Arizona doesn’t have the best summer climate, but we have air conditioning, fans, and swimming pools. However, the winter climate is a winner. For those who get tired of treading through snow every single day of winter, Arizona is the place for you. While you’re here, you might want to pay a visit to the Grand Canyon or Montezuma Castle. Both are very worthwhile sights to see. Then, when your day is over, you might want to stay in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Scottsdale, or Chandler. The people here are very thoughtful and caring (besides Jan Brewer and Sheriff Arpaio BOOM!) — and will help you find a good place to stay.

  • Jasmine Hinton

    I’m proud to be an Arizonan because Arizona is a great state. It has a lot of animals which I like. Animals are very important to me and many other people.

  • Emily Kellogg

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because there are a lot of beautiful plants and trees. There is good soil so I can plant cacti.

  • Quinn Layton

    I am going to tell you some reasons I am proud to live in Arizona. One of them is because the weather doesn’t get to cold.  Another one is because there are no major storms. Also another reason is because all of the beautiful scenery.

  • Alyssa Lim

    I am proud to be from Arizona. I can be proud to say that it’s a wonderful state to live in for several reasons.

  • Jayden LeBaron

    Arizona is a rough place with hot air and sand but the reason most people are here is to ride horses and feel the true desert. The desert here makes you work hard and have fun. The most amazing part is seeing the full moon in the middle of the desert. If you ever see a Gila monster do not let it bite you because they are poisonous. The one thing we are known for is the big mighty saguaro cactus at home in the desert. The one thing you don’t want to touch or tap is the jumping cactus. Another unique animal you can see is a roadrunner running through the desert. I don’t think anyone can catch it. Now the beautiful part of the morning is the beautiful sunset rising up to make our day. I’m proud to be an Arizonian because this state offers amazing sites.

  • Chasity Locklear

    Do you think that Arizona is the best place to live? Well I sure do. Arizona is the most enjoyable place to live. The reason I love Arizona is because the weather is nice. What are some of the reasons you love Arizona?

  • Azalea McKnight

    I am proud to be an Arizonian because I was born in Arizona and Arizona is an excellent state! Being an Arizonian is so wonderful! Arizona has lots of legends passed on from lots of generations and I love listening to them. I also love being an Arizonian because of the beautiful sights, the Grand Canyon being one of them. Arizona is one of the most beautiful places anyone could live in. That’s why I love being an Arizonian!!!!

  • Lauren Murphy

    As an Arizona native, I am very proud to live in Arizona for three great reasons: our great history, our sunsets, and how the people of Arizona came together after the Tucson tragedy.

  • Jennifer Newcomb

    Have you ever lived in a place and you were proud of it? I have, and that place would be Arizona. I’m so proud I could gasconade about it all day long if I had to. There are many reasons why I am proud to live in Arizona: its history, its climate, and its popularity. Those are only some of the reasons why I am proud to live in Arizona.

  • Joey Oliver

    I am so proud to live In Arizona. I get to see the Grand Canyon a lot. There is a lot of heat. There are nice people in Arizona. Arizona is nice.

  • Eli Phillips

    Ever thought about taking a vacation to Arizona? Well if not, here are some reasons why you might want to. I’m proud to live in Arizona because you can be swimming in one area of the state while later playing in the snow near Flagstaff. I love the diverse population of flora and fauna (flora: animals; fauna: plants). The climate is wonderful here because it is almost always different.

  • Emma N. Rhodes

    If someone were to ask you why you’re proud to live in your state, Arizona, what would you say? Would you tell them that it’s because there aren’t any major storms, such as hurricanes? Or that its because all your family lives here? Those wouldn’t be any of my reasons! Living in Arizona makes me proud because of the warm weather, the people, and it’s the most pulchritudinous place I’ve ever been! Why, you ask, are these reasons to be proud? I’ll tell you.

  • Kayla Rockwood

    I have many reasons why I am proud to live in Arizona. Some of my reasons are because of the great sunny weather, the great history about the Grand Canyon. Also the incredible sports teams in Arizona, and the wonderful wildlife.

  • Mason Schmidt

    You may be proud to be from your states such as New York or Colorado, but 1 am proud to be from Arizona because of its history, geography and cactus. Here are some examples of why Arizona is a great state.

  • Ronan Sears

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because when you’re at the top of a mountain it is beautiful. If there was never Native Americans, there would not be writing on the rocks. I am proud to live in a state with a desert. Arizona is also the only state with saguaros.

  • Benjamin Sorel

    Have you ever been to a place and felt that it was the best place ever? I have. That place is Arizona! We have amazing plants, animals and mining. We are well known for all of our copper. It is very valuable, just like us. I’m proud to live in Arizona.

  • Matthew Stone

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because I can go swimming a lot! I can prove that because it is HOT! I can have lots of water fights. I love it.

  • Peyton Sidney Rose Taylor

    I haven’t been here long, but so far it’s lovely. I grew up where it was always raining. When it was summer, it was early spring or fall here. It’s so lovely right now. I love Arizona! It’s the best trip ever. I know I’m not going to move.

  • Keegan Will

    I am proud to be an Arizonan because I enjoy life here. I’m proud because there are good schools. I have lots of friends here. I also have a nice house. Those reasons are about life here in Arizona.

  • Amanda Whelan

    I love Arizona, it’s my favorite state. I’m proud of everything Arizona has to offer. It even holds the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert. I am very proud to be an Arizona citizen. Are you proud to live in Arizona?


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